Holland Lops
All Available Bunnies are listed and Sold under my Facebook page
as first come first served.
 I do not take reservations and post as they are available at 8 weeks. 

Sales Policy
Please Read before inquiring!

  • The bunnies are born and raised with me in NH but are picked up at Danvers agway in danvers MA.
  • I only accept payment thru PayPal (friends and family ONLY), Cash, venmo or check.
  • If I feel you will not make an appropriate home I have the right to not sell you a bunny.
  • I do not sell “Easter or Holiday” rabbits.
  • If you cannot keep your rabbit please message me or contact me. 
  • I do not sell bunnies before 8 weeks.
  • Sold as PETS without pedigree unless otherwise discussed. 
  • NO refunds on rabbits. If you decide to surrender the rabbit back to me no money will be exchanged.
  • You understand this is a living animal that needs basic care needs to survive. Once the animal leaves my care it is your responsibility.
  • Bunnies have a 1 WEEK health guarantee from Invoice Given.


  • All of my rabbits drink out of bowls.
  • They are on free choice Show Hutch deluxe 17% pellets and Unlimited fresh cut Hay 1st or second cutting when you first bring them home. After 6 months you can cut back pellets to 1/2 cup a day with plenty of free choice hay.
  • To litter box train, put a litter pan in a corner of the cage. Put a good amount of hay in the box or in a feeder on the side of the cage so the bunny can eat it while in the litter box. Every time the bunny misses, put pee/poop in the box. Don’t change the box for several days so the bunny can identify where it goes the bathroom. If you change too often the bunny will take longer to learn. If the bunny likes a different part of the cage for bathroom needs, move the box to that area. They are babies!! Patience is key!
  • No treats for 6 months- including fruits/veggies/premade treats
  • Be slow with your new rabbit, if you are not comfortable holding your bunny sit cross-legged on the floor and have them in your lap. If a bunny gets nervous while being held and jumps they can seriously hurt themselves. Continue heavy socializing for the first 6 months and the bunny will learn to be comfortable around you.
  • When you return the bunny to its cage, put them in backwards so they are facing you. This teaches them not to jump out of your arms to go back in there area.
  • Start your new Baby in a SMALL area. Do not give them a whole room to roam until they are litter trained. Make sure he/she gets out a few hours at least a day to exercise while you are home in a smaller space next to where they are being litter trained.
  • Bunnies like to chew!! They will chew almost anything. Give them lots of toys, paper towels rolls, hay etc to keep them busy.
  • Bunnies can live solitary lives and be very happy. If you are looking to add another or have them live indoors in general, I HIGHLY recommend neutering and spaying. Once rabbits hit 5-6 months they can change with hormones. They can hump, bite, become cage aggressive and make noises towards you. Rabbits can breed as early as 12 weeks.
  • Rabbits are Free fed show hutch deluxe, free choice hay at all times and bowls of water.