Holland Lops
All Available Bunnies are listed and Sold under my Facebook page
as first come first served.
 I do not take reservations and post as they are available at 8 weeks. 

SALES POLICY for my Holland Lops, Please read before inquiring.
~All my bunnies are first come first served.
~I will post each rabbit that is available with its own info and price. No rabbit is considered "available" til it is posted.
~I do not give a set price until they are posted at 8 weeks.
~Everyone is on unlimited fresh cut 1st or 2nd cut hay, show hutch deluxe 17% and water in Bowls. If you decide to switch your bunnies to a different feed you need to transfer slow between 1-2 weeks.
~The bunnies are born and raised with me in NH but are picked up at Danvers agway in danvers MA.
~Please do not message me to pay me first for a bunny you want or to put down a deposit, they are all FIRST COME FIRST SERVED when posted at 8 weeks.
~After I post the bunnies available you can comment SOLD on which bunny you want and if your the FIRST to comment I will PM you.
~I only accept payment thru PayPal friends and family or Cash.
~If I feel you will not make an appropriate home I have the right to not sell you a bunny.
~I do not sell Easter or Holiday rabbits.
~If you cannot keep your rabbit please message me or contact me.
~I do not sell bunnies before 8 weeks.
~I will post when the available bunny's will be posted.
~Sold as pets without pedigree unless otherwise discussed.
~I sell all my rabbits thru Facebook. If they do not sell I then bring them to agway!
~Rabbits are sexed to the best of my ability, mistakes can happen.
~NO refunds on rabbits.


Breeding Buck

Broken Blue

October 2020

Sansa Stark 

Breeding Doe


Broken Black Tort


Margaery Tyrell 

Breeding Doe



Harley Quinn 

 Breeding Doe


Daughter to Sansa and Khal

Sept 2nd 2020

ACAL Drew Barrymore

Future Broken Black Doe

Out of Tywin and Margaery

Born 1-16-21

ACAL Stranger Things "Chief Hopper"

Harlequin Future Buck

Out of Sansa and Khal


Retired- Khal, Annabelle, Eddie, Tywin, Daenarys