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  What to Expect from Ashley's Pullets


 My goal for Ashley's Chickens is to make your life easier by skipping the baby stage and raising attractive, friendly and sweet teenage chickens. I put all my time into these young girls by playing with them, letting them out for day trips outside, cleaning up after them (and there large amounts of dust), feeding them there favorite treats and always checking up on them to make sure there behaving. I only sell birds as long as there healthy and off to a good start, if I feel there not ready I will keep them til I feel they can go to there new home. Most people don't like to raise day old chicks due to the fatality rate and the work needed to raise them. When I raise them all you need to do is take them home, they will go right onto CHICK GROWER which is a 18 % protein. They will be young enough so you will be able to bond with them as if they were new babies. They will be ready to go right outside, into your coop and in a couple short months, start producing eggs. I only feed my chickens AGWAY or NUTRENA brand premium feeds.



I breed on a small scale
  Cochin bantams
(Mille Fluer/Calico/Mottled/Blue Calico)
 SQ Silkies



    Due to customers that cancel last minute, I am now asking for a deposit to hold your chickens.

The cost is $5 for each bird. 

    The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. Please understand if you tell me you will pick them up at 6,7, or 8 weeks, I will call or email you when they are ready. This does not mean I will hold your chickens forever. If I call you and you do not call me back after 3 times , I have the right to sell the chickens I am holding for you. 

DO NOT order chickens if you are not ready for them. I CANNOT hold the chickens after 8 weeks. They are too big and I don't have the room. Please consider this before you order.


When you pick up your chickens, please bring a carrier. I do not always have a box or a cage available.

I accept PAYPAL or CASH. My business is out of Danvers Agway in Danvers, but I am separate from the store and do not accept Credit cards for birds. 





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